Juneteenth: The Basket Weaving Our Freedom’s Past, Present, and Future

Juneteenth is like a basket, woven with the strands of our collective history, culture, and aspirations. It holds the rich tapestry of the past, the vibrant reality of the present, and the boundless potential of the future. This basket carries the stories of freedom, not just within the borders of America but extending its reach globally, symbolizing one of the purest expressions of liberty. At Juneteenth Speaks, our mission is to keep this basket full and flourishing, adding new strands of knowledge, celebration, and understanding with each passing year.

About JuneteenthSpeaks

Celebrating Freedom:  Our Mission & Vision

Juneteenth Speaks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Minnesota, dedicated to recognizing and elevating Black History as an integral part of American History. We celebrate Juneteenth year-round, highlighting its significance as the oldest national commemoration of the end of slavery in the U.S. Our efforts are focused on fostering community engagement and ensuring the stories of our ancestors are honored and preserved.

Our Initiatives

Empowering Communities:
Our Current and Future Initiatives

At Juneteenth Speaks, our initiatives span from celebrating heritage through events like the Juneteenth BBQ Contest and the National Juneteenth Film Initiative to educational projects like our Juneteenth Coloring Book and historical reenactments in Black Cosmos. We strive to address and heal community issues through the Juneteenth Made with Love quilting project and support economic empowerment via the Juneteenth Buying Freedom program. Join us to keep these vital projects thriving and help launch future efforts to educate, celebrate, and grow together.

Minnesota Juneteenth Collective

Join us in 2024 for the Minnesota Juneteenth Collective—a vibrant gathering of communities celebrating freedom, culture, and unity across Minnesota. Be part of a movement that honors our rich history and looks forward to our collective future.

How You Can Help

Donation & Sponsorships

Every donation and sponsorship directly supports our initiatives, helping to expand our reach and deepen our impact. Learn about the different ways you can contribute to our cause and see the direct benefits your support brings.