Scholarship Program: Miss Juneteenth & Juneteenth Chessmen

Celebrating Diversity and Achievement: The Original Miss Juneteenth Minnesota Scholarship Program

Juneteenth Speaks proudly launched the first-ever Miss Juneteenth Minnesota Scholarship Program, setting a precedent for celebrating diversity and educational achievements in the community. This groundbreaking initiative not only honors the significant cultural heritage of African Americans but also uplifts young women by providing them with opportunities to achieve their educational aspirations. As we plan for the future, we invite you to stay connected and watch for announcements about the exciting relaunch of this inspiring program.

Deep Cultural Roots and Educational Empowerment
The Miss Juneteenth Minnesota scholarship program is designed to empower young women by celebrating their diverse backgrounds and promoting academic excellence. Participants are given a unique platform to represent their culture and serve as role models on both the state and national stages. Our program pays meticulous attention to cultural authenticity and details, celebrating the legacy of African royalty with annually custom-designed tiaras inspired by historical African kings and queens. This commitment to cultural detail underscores the program’s dedication to authenticity and respect for heritage.

In September of 2022, we were thrilled to crown DaMaris Marjett Jones as the very first Miss Juneteenth Minnesota. Her crowning marked a significant milestone in the journey of the scholarship program, symbolizing hope and empowerment for many young women. The success of this event highlighted the program’s potential to make a meaningful impact on the lives of participants and the broader community.

Commitment to Authentic Representation
Each year, the program aims to enhance its cultural representation by introducing a custom-designed tiara that not only serves as a symbol of achievement but also as a profound connection to the ancestral greatness of our African heritage. This practice enriches the participants’ experience, providing them with a tangible link to their history and a badge of honor that celebrates their identity.

Future Aspirations and Expansion
While the program is currently paused due to unforeseen circumstances, we are optimistic about its future and are actively planning its return. The relaunch will include the introduction of “Juneteenth Chessmen,” a new scholarship initiative designed to offer similar opportunities to remarkable young men. Our vision extends beyond these programs to eventually broaden the participant age group and enhance the scope of our impact.

Juneteenth Speaks remains committed to the Miss Juneteenth Minnesota Scholarship Program as a vital component of our mission to educate, celebrate, and empower. We are proud of our pioneering efforts and the foundation we have built. As we look forward to the program’s revival, we continue to uphold the spirit of Juneteenth by fostering educational and cultural empowerment across communities.