Juneteenth Speaks: Goals & Initiatives

Your Support Powers Our Mission

Every contribution to Juneteenth Speaks helps sustain our ongoing initiatives and launches new projects aimed at celebrating and educating about Juneteenth. Here’s how your donations make a difference:

Current Initiatives

Juneteenth Collective Minnesota
Join a community of organizations, neighborhoods, and municipalities united in celebrating Juneteenth. Our goal is to support interconnected events, ensuring no one works in isolation and every celebration receives the attention it deserves.

Juneteenth Speaks Coloring Book
Engage children and families with coloring pages that explore the significance of Juneteenth. Designed to be fun and educational for all ages, these pages help instill an early appreciation of history through art.

Past Initiatives

Scholarship Programs: Miss Juneteenth Minnesota & Juneteenth Chessmen Minnesota
Currently on hold, these programs once celebrated young individuals who embody the spirit of Juneteenth. We hope to resolve existing challenges and revive these important cultural pageants.

Future Initiatives (Pending Funding)

Juneteenth Speaks BBQ Contest
Celebrate the rich influence of Black history on food and cuisine. Join us for a contest judged by celebrity chefs and local talents, where family recipes tell stories of heritage and community.

National Juneteenth Film Initiative (NJFI)
Support Black filmmakers and promote films that reflect the themes of freedom and history. Participate in our national dialogue by contributing to the NJFI Watch List. (Coming Soon: NJFI Watch List form)

Juneteenth Buying Freedom
Challenge historical housing discrimination and empower communities of color through homeownership. In collaboration with Mapping Prejudice and Habitat for Humanity, this initiative offers both physical and virtual engagements.

Juneteenth Made with Love
Use the communal art of quilting to address and heal the impacts of gun violence. This initiative focuses on creating symbols of resilience and community healing.

Black Cosmos
Experience historical reenactments that honor the contributions of People of Color to American history, bringing these pivotal stories to life through vivid, educational displays.

Great Juneteenth Family Reunion
Explore your roots with our genealogy and DNA tracing programs, designed to help People of Color navigate their unique histories and reconnect with lost family ties, both online and in-person.

Join Us in Celebrating and Expanding the Story of Juneteenth

Your donations help keep our current projects vibrant and make new initiatives possible. With your support, we can continue to educate, celebrate, and grow together. Donate today and be part of a community that honors freedom, history, and the ongoing journey toward equality.